Jeet11 Referral Code: Get ₹100 On Sign Up + ₹100 Deposit Money

Jeet11 Referral Code: In this amazing post we are going to discuss Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App which is the latest app recently launched by Sharechat. We all know that it is very difficult to win in fantasy cricket apps but, this New Fantasy Cricket App is providing us the opportunity to win very easily.

This fantasy cricket application is new that is why this application is giving a huge signup bonus to the users that come new to the application. They are doing this just for their promotion after some time this offer will be closed, so, I recommend you to register and make use of this Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App.

Remember that only if you will use my Jeet11 Referral code then only you will get a free ₹100 Signup bonus and ₹100 in the deposit wallet so must use my referral code, don’t worry I will tell you further in this post how to do that.

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Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App

Jeet11 fantasy cricket app was firstly launched in the year 2020 when the IPL season was going on but, this application was not too famous and good also because there were too many lags and people were not trusting this application.

But, now the developers of this fantasy cricket application have improved the application and now I also think that there is not any other fantasy cricket application as fast as this.

The interface as well as the lags, bugs, etc. are improved very nicely and the signup bonus that they are giving is also a huge amount. Currently, there are not many users on this application that is why it is very easy and a good opportunity to make money online with this new fantasy cricket app.

Not only cricket recently Jeet11 fantasy cricket app has added Football and quiz games also by which the earning chances for the users are increased.

What is Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App?

Jeet11 Fantasy cricket app is the same as the other old fantasy cricket apps like Real11, My11Circle, Fantasy Power 11, GameZy, etc. but, these fantasy cricket apps provide us more opportunities to earn money from their platform.

In this fantasy cricket application, there is Football as well as other quiz games which the other fantasy cricket application don’t have that is why this application is unique from the other applications.

games on jeet11

The process of using the application and earning money from it is the same as the other applications. You have to create a team before the match starts and if the players that you have selected are playing well then you rank high and will win at the end of the match.

Who are developers of Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App?

Jeet11 Fantasy cricket app is recently developed by Sharechat. They have developed this application when they saw that other fantasy cricket apps are just thinking about their profit, not for the users.

That is why this new fantasy cricket application is giving huge rewards on signup as well as when we refer to our friends. This application provides recurring referring commission which the other fantasy cricket applications do not provide, we will discuss this further in this article.

The developers also added the games like football as well as other games quizzes to make this new fantasy cricket app different from others and interesting as well.

Jeet11 Referral Code

Jeet11 Referral Code is GURKH9KP. As I have already told you that this application is new in the market that is why there is a referral system in this app that will last for a certain period of time.

You can use my referral code to get a ₹100 signup bonus as well as ₹100 in the deposit money which you can use in the future for playing contests.

How To Earn Money From Jeet11 Referral System?

Jeet11 Referral system is very great and gives you bid rewards which the other fantasy cricket apps do not provide. As I have already told you that this is a new fantasy cricket app that is why the competition is very less so, you can make use of this and earn huge rewards.

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get immunity card on referring friend
earn rs 100 bonus on referring friend

This application provides you up to ₹1000 in deposit money per friend you refer and when they deposit money in their deposit wallet then you will get 3% of the amount that they have deposited not only this there are too many more rewards which you will get for referring your friend that we will further discuss in this post.

If friend Adds MoneyYou Earn

Jeet11 Immunity Pass

Many of the users who are using this application don’t know what Jeet11 Immunity Pass is. Immunity cards are special cards that are provided when you are referring your friend and can use in mega contests which will help you avoid losing your entry fees of huge amounts greater than 500.

In case you are lost in the mega contests and if you used the immunity card then the entry fees that you have spent on that mega contest will be refunded to you.

This way you can use the immunity card and save your huge amount of money from losing in the mega contests.

How to Get Jeet11 Immunity Pass?

I have already told you that you will get an immunity pass when you refer your friends or anyone. But there is one twist in it. You will not get Jeet11 Immunity Pass when you did 1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th, and 21st successful referral.

how to get immunity card in jeet11

If this application provides an immunity card on every referral then we can think ourselves that no one will lose the contest and there will be a huge loss to the application.

That is why to maintain the profit and loss of the application and to give benefit to the users they have made an idea to give one immunity card when any user did 1st, 3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th, 15th, 18th, and 21st successful referral.

Get ₹50 Jeet11 SignUp Bonus

  • To get a ₹50 signup bonus first download the application.
  • Then Enter “Mobile Number” and click on the “Login” button.
  • Must use referral code “GURKH9KP”
  • And click on Signup button.
  • You will get ₹50 Signup bonus successfully on using my referral code.

Note: Must use Referral Code “GURKH9KP” otherwise you will not get the ₹50 signup bonus.

Benefits Of Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App

  • Instant Withdrwal in Paytm without KYC
  • Recurring Referral Commission
  • Huge Signup Bonus
  • Huge Referral Rewards
  • Immunity Cards to avoid losing entry fees in mega contests
  • Less competition
  • High chances of winning
  • Cricket, Football and other games quiz

Cons Of Jeet11 Fantast Cricket App

We cannot say this one point to be a con but we can say that if the application provides us this facility then the application will become better.

The thing is that the signup bonus that we will get cannot be withdrawn by Paytm because the application does not allow this to us. But the bonus can be withdrawn by playing the contest with the entry fee and winning the contest after winning the contest the amount that we have won can be withdrawn to Paytm easily.

The con comes here and that is you can only use 10% of the bonus amount in the contest. Suppose you want to enter ₹100 contest then you can only use ₹10 from the bonus amount the other ₹90 you have to pay from the winning balance or from bank or card. For this one thing, I don’t like this fantasy cricket application.

How To Play On Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App?

To play on Jeet11 fantasy cricket apps first of all you have to check the amount of the money that is available in the bonus wallet and always join the contests in which entry fees are either less than or equal to your signup bonus.

After entering the contest you have to select the team players and you can select a maximum of 7 players from each team. After the match is over check in the app that you have won or not also you will get the notification of the result of the contest if you downloaded the app.

If you won in the contest the amount that you have won will be added to your winning wallet after some time that you can easily withdraw to Paytm.

How To Win every time in Jeet11 Fantasy Cricket App?

If you want to win every time in the Jeet11 Fantasy cricket app then you have to follow the strategies that I have told you in this post. If you followed the below steps carefully then the chances of winning are 99.9%.

  • Always join the contest after toss so that you can see the potential of the teams.
  • Also, if you will join the contest after toss then you will know the exact players that are playing.
  • You can select maximum of 7 players from each team so select as i am telling.
  • Select 2 wicket keepers.
  • 2 to 3 all rounders.
  • 5 to 6 batsman.
  • 4 to 5 bowlers.

How To Withdraw Money From Jeet11 To Paytm?

I have already told you that you can’t withdraw your bonus and deposit money but, if you have at least ₹10 in your winning balance then you can withdraw that anytime you want to Paytm.

winning balance withdraw

Now in most of my readers’ minds, there will be a question that how to transfer the bonus and deposit wallet money to the winning wallet, the answer to this is very simple. Join any upcoming contest and make teams as I have told you above to win.

After the match ends if you won you will successfully get the money in the winning wallet which you can withdraw very easily.

How To Withdraw Money Without KYC?

If you have less than ₹10000 in your balance then you can easily withdraw without doing KYC or verifying your identity but, if the amount is large then you have to verify your identity by submitting PAN Card, Bank account details, etc.

Once you have verified your identity you can withdraw any amount of money without any problem. If you are facing any problem then we request you to please inform us so that we can help you as soon as possible.

Final Words

Many of my readers love to play and win money online by playing the contest organized by the Fantasy Cricket Apps, that’s why with the demand of my readers I have introduces you to Jeet11 New Fantasy Cricket Apps which have not only cricket contest but also have football as well as other games quiz contest.

This application is new and providing us great opportunity to earn money online that is why there is a refer and earn system by which you can earn ₹100 and many other rewards when you refer to any friend. But, you have to keep in mind that you can your friend will only get a reward if your friend uses your Jeet11 Referral code.

That’s it, now give me permission to take leave from you i will see you in the next article, till then enjoy and earn.

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