How To Embed a PDF In Gmail or Email (Full Explanation)

In this article, I am going to show you How To Embed a PDF In Gmail or Email? or How you can insert a PDF into the body of an email in Gmail? Believe me, by using this trick you will be successfully able to embed PDF into Gmail or Email.

There is not any doubt that Gmail is the best email provider globally. It has too many cool features which are helping the peoples very much until it is launched and till date doing the same.

But, it doesn’t really prove that it is perfect. We all know nobody is perfect in the full world so how we can say that Gmail is perfect? and that also Gmail is only software made by humans. Do you know how to embed a pdf in Gmail or email I am sure you do not?

In Gmail also sometimes a situation arises where we are getting angry and saying that Gmail is of no use. I mean to say that sometimes a thing is not possible in Gmail also. Yes, you’re right I am talking about people who are not able to embed PDF in Gmail or Email.

But, wait! if I say to you that it is possible then what will you think? that I am mad. Am I right! But, dear! I am saying true you can Embed a PDF In Gmail or Email easily.

So, without any further discussion let’s see how to embed a PDF in Gmail or email?

Why did You need To Embed a PDF in Gmail or Email?

Before going to how you can embed a PDF in Gmail or Email, you may be searching out why did you need to do it so?

There are many reasons for this but, one of the main reasons that I am thinking is that you want the receiver or the recipient to check the PDF directly through the body of the Email and don’t miss the PDF if it is attached in attachments.

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Sometimes the attachments are not visible properly which is why the recipient is unable to find that that is why embedding a PDF in Gmail or Email is very beneficial.

Important documents like contracts, land papers, etc. will be definitely be checked by the recipient but if you will Embed a PDF in the body of an Email in Gmail then it will grab the attention of the receiver and he will definitely check it.

The following trick will help you to know how to Embed a PDF in Gmail or Email.

How To Embed a PDF in Gmail or Email?

The following steps are very easy if you will follow a step-by-step guide to embed a PDF in Gmail or Email.’

Step 1: Open your Favourite web browser. After opening your web browser you have to search for the tool which converts the PDF files to JPEG. Zamzar is the best tool to convert PDF to JPEG. You can also use any other tool that you know or you can continue with Zamzar.

zamzar google search

Step 2: Upload your PDF file to Zamzar by clicking on the Add Files. You can do that by clicking on the Add Files button and select the PDF file from your computer.

upload pdf file to zamzar by clicking on add files

Step 3: Click on Convert to and select JPEG. This will convert your PDF file to JPEG format.

click on covert to and select jpg

Step 4: Then click on Convert Now. This will take some time to convert.

click on convert now and wait some time

Step 5: Wait for the download link to come.

wait for the download link to appear

Step 6: Download the file to your computer.

download your file to your computer

Step 7: Open Gmail and Continue to send an Email to the Recipient. Now you have to insert the JPEG in Gmail, Gmail doesn’t allow to Embed pdf in Gmail but it allows to embed a JPEG file, we’ll make use of it.

Open Gmail and Continue to send an Email to the Recipient

Step 8: In the bottom strip you will see an image icon click on it. After clicking on it upload the JPEG file which you converted from a PDF file recently.

click on the image icon

Step 9: Upload the JPEG file by dropping directly or by clicking on the Choose files to upload.

upload the jpeg file

Step 10: You will see the PDF is embedded in your email in the form of an image.

pdf embedded in gmail

FAQs For How To Embed a PDF In Gmail or Email?

  • How do I insert a PDF into the body of an email in Gmail?

    You cannot directly embed pdf into Gmail but you can embed pdf by converting it to JPEG and then you will be able to embed it to Gmail.

  • Can you embed a PDF in an email?

    No, there is not an option to embed pdf directly into the body of the email, but it can be converted to a jpeg file then it can be inserted.

  • Why can’t I send a PDF in Gmail?

    Because Gmail has not provided the feature to embed pdf into the body of an email maybe this feature will be launched by Gmail in the future.

Final Words

I hope you all enjoyed the article and understood the full concept of how to embed a PDF in Gmail or Email? In this, we have taken the use of embedding JPEG files in the email which Gmail allows but, it doesn’t allow embedding a pdf in email so, we converted the PDF into JPEG.

Everything is possible guys if we make use of our brain but if we will just run from the problems then we will achieve nothing. If you guys loved my interaction with you in this article then please try to share it will the helpless people you don’t know to embed PDF in an email. If you face any problem in this tutorial then you can ping me in the comments if will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

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