How To Cancel OnlyFans Subscription In Simple Easy Steps 2021

Want to save your money? Of course who not. Then in this amazing article, we are going to explain the full step by step process by which you will know about how to cancel OnlyFans subscription.

One of the best ways to save your money is cancelling the unnecessary subscriptions and relates products and services like this that is why with the request of most of our users we made a dedicated article on how to cancel OnlyFans subscription.

So, now you will be successfully able to cancel the subscription of OnlyFans but before moving towards it let’s firstly discuss what is OnlyFans? because some of our readers might don’t know it, if you know then you can skip this discussion and directly jump on how to cancel OnlyFans Subscription.


What Is OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is an online content-sharing web application that was founded by Timothy Stokely in 2016. He is a British entrepreneur and investor.

OnlyFans is a large content-sharing web application that lets users monetize their content and earn some revenue from it. But, if the content shared is high quality then you can’t imagine how much you can earn from it because we all know Unique and High-Quality Content Is King.

It is largely a subscription-based website because the creators on OnlyFans can lock their content whether they are photos, videos and even end to end the chat and charge a subscription fee according to them to access that content, the fans that have bought the subscription of a particular creator will to allowed to see the creator’s content.

There is a myth created by The New York Times that OnlyFans is used for the purposes of bad things but it’s wrong it is also used for many other purposes such as creating content to help others start their business online, sharing new dish recipes, sharing teaching videos, and many more.

OnlyFans is used by chefs, artisans, bloggers, digital marketers, developers, and every category of people to share their precious knowledge and grab others’ experiences and interests according to the price of the particular creator as we have already told you.

OnlyFans does not have any limitations here any content can be shared which is not able to be shared on Facebook, Instagram, etc. due to the issue of the ban. But, the choice is yours if now also you want to cancel your OnlyFans subscription then we can’t stop you, Continue reading this article to know how to cancel OnlyFans subscription.

How To Cancel OnlyFans Subscription? (Step by Step Guide)

If you have decided to cancel OnlyFans Subscription want to save your money by canceling some of the OnlyFans subscriptions then follow the below easy step by step guide:

  1. First, log in to your OnlyFans account on your Laptop, desktop, iPhone or phone.
  2. Now move to the profile of the creator you want to cancel the subscription of.
  3. After reaching the creator’s profile turn off the toggle button of “Auto Renew Subscription”
  4. Doing this will unsubscribe you from the subsciption of that creator.

We hope you have understood how to cancel OnlyFans Subscription and if you are facing and problem doing this then you can contact the OnlyFans support team by sending them an email at [email protected] by providing them with the details of the creator’s subscription you want to cancel, after some time they will do this for you and will notify you at your email.

Is OnlyFans Free?

Many of the readers were wondering that is OnlyFans is free or not. The simple answer to this is Yes, it is free to log in and use it. While you are logging in it does not takes any single rupee from you to join it.

But, many of the creators on OnlyFans who are experienced in a particular category provides their content by charging a subscription fee from their audience according to them which is not taken by OnlyFans the subscription fee charged is taken by the creator of the content.

So, we can say that OnlyFans is free but some of the creators charge for their content. You can also earn money on OnlyFans by posting unique and high-quality content after you have successfully gained enough loving audience then you can provide your content by charging a subscription fee from them.

FAQs For How To Cancel OnlyFans Subscription

Will I Get Refund After Cancelling OnlyFans Subscription?

According to the policy of OnlyFans, you will not get any refund after cancelling OnlyFans subscription because already you have consumed the content for which you have paid to the creator and after consuming it you can’t demand a refund from them, also while buying a subscription if you have read terms and conditions there also this thing is written.

What Happens After Cancelling OnlyFans Subscription?

As we have already told you that you will not get a refund for that but this will cancel your OnlyFans subscription of that creator totally and will remove the auto-renew money for that subscription successfully.

After Cancelling The OnlyFans Subscription Will I Not See Content?

No, cancelling does not disable you from seeing the content of that creator after you have cancelled your OnlyFans subscription you can consume the content of that creator up to the billing period and after that, you will not be able to access the content of that creator.

If I Delete My OnlyFans Account Will I Still Be Charged?

No, you will not be charged because after deleting your OnlyFans account it means that everything is deleted including the bank details that you have entered is also deleted.


I hope you have understood how to cancel OnlyFans Subscription with my easy step by step guide. I have also cleared some of the queries or FAQs in this article so that you can cancel the OnlyFans Subscription after knowing every advantage of the disadvantage.

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